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Tarzan & the Raider - Part 01
Price:  $ 6.00
Tarzan and Jane live together in the jungle, but they are very small, they have to take care of themselves, because there are too many predators like spiders and reptiles, fortunately for them Wanda, the Queen Amazon, is there for help them, Wanda always has loved Tarzan, even now that he is so tiny, but he only loves Jane, that's why Wanda gives a lot of hard time to Jane. Now after one year, Jane's mom has hired and sent the best expeditionary ever in the world, Lara, her mission: bring back her daughter.

Tags: shrinking man, shrinking woman, tiny, pov, feet, toes, breasts, muscle woman, handheld.

Total Pictures: 120 pics

"Tarzan & the Raider" - Part 01 - Preview Pics! (click to enlarge)
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